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Tuesday 3rd April 2012

Last Saturday night was immense.

It was meant to be the first campout of the season but you want to know something… a ‘Campout’ in my book is something that is full of happy drunk, stoned or high people who are having a whale of a time.

This particular campout had several things very wrong with it:

1) There was a cardboard fire - This alone pisses one off as it reminds one of a teenage boy. It lasts two minutes and it gets cold if you leave it alone for a bit.
2) The people attending were in all honesty, shit. They brought tents they had booze and weed but they were rude and distasteful and in no way as hardcore as us.
3) Micheal Tombs’ flat was unattended and I had bought some pharmaceuticals that I could take during the course of the night ;)
4) Better people were going to Micheal’s than people who were at the ‘Campout’ including my favourite people for monging with Beth, Kali, Kamil and Ashley.

So, yeah. I went to Micheal’s flat with my friends. It was such a funny night, Beth didn’t come but it was still good… I missed her though.

Kamil took the first bong hit, it looked fucking easy so I decided to do it.
Oh dear Diana.

I lit it well, I sucked it well, I inhaled it. I was coughing for about 10 minutes…
Nearly threw up and couldn’t breath. How attractive.

After I’d recovered, just, I lit up my J and I slowly relaxed. The smoke in the room stung my eyes like a mother. I didn’t mind. I laughed a little because I had rolled the J so that the first person and third person to have some got the strongest amount (I’d planned a wake and bake for myself and Balchin and whenever there is weed you have some little fuckers who wants some and have begged there way into having some) I’m so tactful when it comes to Js. Anyway, I had the largest amount, then Kali had some (the weaker part) then Ashley had some (the stronger part) and then Kamil had some (which was mediocre really). So yeah, feeling pretty good we put music on, Joe Price and some other dude arrived. Joe brought the nicest bud ever. The other dude was pretty freaking cool. We met up with Hayley and Darren, they came back… Kamil rolled a fucking huge J and we all smoked it. Yummy. Hayley left, then Kali left then the cool dude who came randomly passed out. Joe Brown came (what a legend!) He brought loads of alcohol, Jager, legend freaking legend. I kept crying out of my left eye because the room was soooo smokey but yanno it was worth it ;D

So after a long night of smoking we walked back to Kamils. I don’t remember much but I seemed to “float” rather than walk (yeah… that is how mullered I was). Got ‘home’ Kamil and Ashley eat pasta but I just wanted to mong out. Kamil set a ‘bed’ up for me and Ashley and he was gone after watching half of ‘Puss In Boots’. Ashley said I could have the other side of the bed but he’d been sleeping for only five minutes and he’d claimed the whole freaking bed. He was in a sort of starfish shape. That boy. That boy right there. I tried to wake him up but my attempts only made him have a spazz attack now and then. I had a full conversation with him while he was asleep. Kind of sweet really he told me I was safe and that I was good looking before talking about pasta and tins of food. Pretty cool conversation actually… it was weird… I woke up and we were talking to each other whilst asleep… fucking Dons that we are. ;D

So yeah, an amazing night with amazing boys :)

"I feel beyond hiiiiiiiiiiiiigh man" - Kamil 2012 ;)

Love Diana xxx

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