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Sunday 15th April 2012

Amazing morning. I feel full of energy and so happy. I’m buzzin’.
Radio 1 full blast, a bucket of tea and a cigarette… can’t get much better.

I spent all the night researching Greek mythology about Artemis and also Diana in Roman mythology. I feel pretty cool man. I learnt so much stuff and woke up to a bedroom full of sun. It was a great way to wake up. A red bedroom, oh dude it was so cool. The hedge was casting all sorts of shadows onto my bedroom wall. Making Owen’s pictures and Bambi’s letters look psychedelic.

So I got up and walked down stairs to the kitchen. First thing mum said to me “Oh you have pink trousers on… oh no… they’re your legs”. Excellent. Had a nice morning chatting to mum before she left for work. I eat a bacon and egg sandwich mmmm. I wished her a good day (I’m so English :L ) and rolled a cigarette. I went outside and chilled with the morning. The birds were out, the foxes were still crying and getting sleepy. Two magpies flew down and sat on the fence in front of me, beautiful birds, they have a sort of metallic peacock tinge to their black feathers, oh man, it’s a site to see. :D

The other night was sick ;D
Another shed party, Wednesday night was cool, Alex and Louis were awful. We listened to a two hour argument.=OMG ‘Gotye ft Kimbra - Somebody That I Used To Know’ just came on the radio… Love it. Love it. Love it. =
Yeah we got pretty pissed off. They left so it’s cool but hey, I’m pretty sure they won’t be getting back together… hm. Poor girl, poor guy. Bless ‘em.

In the morning everyone had caught Joe B’s cold :L
Everyone left apart from Finley, Joe B and I. Joe Price came over later with some Hulk. Oh my days I was so gone man. I was hallucinating and laughing and rolling about. Ishod and Louis came over and looked after me… I fell asleep and woke at about six. Again it was just Finley, Joe B and I. Joe left cause he was really ill. Finley and I eat dinner and rested. What a night, it’s nice to spend time with Finley because we used to be close. He was the first guy I fell really hard for. We’ve known each other quite a while now and yeah. It was cool, he’s such a sweet person, doesn’t judge and we can just talk for hours jam and listen to music and stuff. We share the same type of humour, well he’s more racist but yanno it’s still comical.

In the morning Robert and Elliot came over Fin’s. I haven’t seen them in tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime. It was awkward I didn’t recognise either of them… been so long… and yet they haven’t changed. I miss those guys… we’ll have to hang out properly at some point.

Anyway I hope you guys have an amazing day :D <3 

Hold tight stay white, kick back get black ;D

Love You, Diana <3 xxxxx

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